Saturday, 28 July 2007


The province of Guangdong in South China, translated to Canton, where the first Portuguese colons settled to give birth to the City of the Holy Name of God.

Hong Kong was the golden neighbour, Macao lived in its shadow, even the cars circulated on the left side of the road. 1997 has been the year of the deliver of the Fragant Harbour to the mainland, 1999 the year of the Doors of the Bay.

A few parasites in the hair of mother-China, as used to called them the Chinese school books. And the rest of the province? The city of Canton, the foreign concessions like in Shanghai and Berlin, the entrance door to the colossal China, everything belongs back to the Chinese people now.


Canton. 7 millions of inhabitants, maybe more. The first of October, the Chinese National day. The day Mao created the People's Republic of China. The only Chinese holyday?

I like Canton, contrarily to Macao's Portuguese. It's dirty, polluted, noisy, confuse and never stops. Millions of bicycles. The train station is a colossus. My firsts huge crowds. Like a baptism. The arrival can be by boat. You wake up with the red flag in front and above. The forbidden fruit?

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