Saturday, 28 July 2007


The pictures here included were making part of a selection that's served as a portfolio during a while, and that I've never had the opportunity to show. They were photographs made on real photographic paper. during a period in which I used to print on fibber paper, toned with selenium, during and after having frequented the Academy of Visual Arts of Macao.


I call it selfportrait because of the three elements that compose it. It was taken in Almeida Ribeiro Av. in Macao in a rainy day. At first it was called "The man with the bicycle" but as this title has beenplagiarizedd by the author of an experimental film I've never used it again.

the sailors

The Green Island. To whom knows Macao, at Green Island the name is the only poetical thing, for being located in the industrial zone of the territory. Even though, my sailors were there, I've made nothing up, it was a hot and beautiful end of an afternoon as there are so few in Macao, and they were resting in front of their boat.

firecrackers factory

I don't know if the firecrackers factory of the Taipa island still exists. Anyway, when I came in, those two were in the entrance hall. I think they didn't let see the rest of the factory, I can't remember and I don't have any register.

filmings of the bewitching braid

For the filming of "The bewitching braid", an important quantity of supers were dressed in XIX century costumes, and they've used the stairs of the Sao Paulo Ruins. So many fireworks were used that when the scene attained the most intense point, I thought they were going to blow up the place. The supers were running in all direction, and the dragon was insane. I glad I've caught them. With a 3200 asa film for the grain amateurs.

splendour on the grass

The summer afternoon only like in Macao, hot and humid, sweaty and gluey. These two were certainly coming from the swimming pool. I remembered Montgomery Cliff and Liz Taylor, in a movie that ends in beauty.

the man in the crowd

That was in a street adjacent to the red market, he was having a conversation in the middle of the crowd, dressed with a brown Chinese silk coat.

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